Social Commentary

Are the Children really our future?

In response the latest high school, middle and elementary school closings in Philadelphia:

Looking for a sure fire way of ruining any chance a child has at obtaining a successful future? Take away their resources, cut school funding, eliminate extra-curricular activities, close down schools by the dozens.

And, while you’re at it, why not fill their brains with images of rappers with “bling bling” hanging from their necks while half naked women gyrate to the infectious beat. Fill their head with meaningless lyrics that boast of self gratification, teaching them to rely on their sexuality to get ahead in life.

In doing all this, you will make certain that our children do not succeed. This is what is happening in the City of Philadelphia, the same city that would build a sports stadium before they would open a library. Hopefully the city is prepared for more chaos and flash mobs. Funny, all this time we thought the children were our future…

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