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Social Media: When enough is enough…

Be honest, when was the last time you remember posting a status or uploading a picture that was, well, a little TMI- too much info? (Raises hand, blushes) How about that friend that just shares too many details of their personal life online, tagging you in embarrassing photos, liking every activity under the sun, updating their status too often? Oh, and what about the ones that get mad, ranting on and on about people always in their business when they’re putting their business on blast in the first place? I could go further but, you see where I’m going with this.

At one point or another, we’ve either been the victim or the convicted of this information overload. Social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can be fun but when this privilege is abused it can be downright annoying and at times risky. To put it simple and plain, there’s just some things people shouldn’t know.

Now granted, we live in a nation that grants us the right to freedom of speech, but just because you can say something, doesn’t always mean you should. Use your best judgment and proceed with caution. For example, I had a Facebook friend that said whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted, absolutely no filter. This friend was all over the place with their posts. Now this is a judgment free zone, but when you’re talking about Jesus one moment and the next moment talking about sexual positions in the bedroom, this could send off the wrong impression, big time.

In no way am I telling others how to live their lives, but if someone feels the need to kill me with their information overload, then I should have the right to delete and or, block them. I’m just saying. Just as you invite someone into your home, the same goes for online profiles. They’re an invitation into your private life. You wouldn’t invite a disrespectful person into your home and you don’t have to do it on your profile either. In the great words of Martin Lawrence, “Get the steppin’!”

As my mother would say, “If it’s not for sale, then don’t put it on the market.” What you put out there is how you will be perceived by others. And whether you believe it or not, there is always someone watching. Lastly, a co-worker recently shared something with me that changed the way I shared information via social media. He told me if a stranger could go onto your Facebook page and learn everything about you without ever meeting you, then there is something wrong. You’re sharing too much information.

Whether helpful or amusing, hopefully you took something away from this post. Remember to leave your feedback.

The College Grad

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