2012: My Year in Review

Sometimes life gives us many reasons to complain; overslept, late for work, missed the bus, job sucks, but as I reflect on this past year, I can’t help but to count my many blessings. From being a college graduate, bumming around on my mother’s sofa, to a two job juggler with a place of my own is one heck of a come up, if I might say so myself (Upgrade!)

I’ve learned that hard work does pay off. It can get discouraging at times, working so hard to get somewhere in life and seeing others around you not work as hard. From the outside looking in, it seems as if these are the people that live the most exciting lives. They are up to date with the latest fashion trends and never miss a party while others are coupon clipping and sacrificing the club scene for a 9-5. But as the saying goes, The grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Sure, life is about having fun. You only live once right- YOLO? But there are other things in life called “priorities” that a select few have a grasp on and others do not.

This past year, I’ve worked hard, played hard and prayed hard. I moved into my 1st apartment! I was Adorned by the sweet sounds of Miguel at the House of Blues in Atlantic City and again at the TLA in Philly. I nearly screamed up a lung on my 22nd birthday at Six Flags/Great Adventure. I was a kid all over again at the Camden Aquarium alongside my bestie on her b’day. On several occasions, I dressed to impress for a night out with the girls. On any given moment you could catch me teary-eyed during my grandmother’s kidney transplant and for the victims of the CT shooting.

This was a year to remember! Make your 2013 even more memorable!


The College Grad


Published by Zeena

Graduate Student. Fashionista. Blogger. A Black Girl About Town is a fashion-forward 20-something who dresses to the nines! Her friends flock to for details on the best places to eat, shop, dance and dine. She enjoys going places and sharing the details with you! XOXO, A Black Girl About Town!

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