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How I Feel When Someone Asks: “Who are you looking cute for?”

You wanna know something that irks me? When people see you dressed up and they automatically assume your reasoning for doing is due to a love interest. Like, I can’t dress up just because, I don’t know, maybe I felt like it? Now I don’t make a habit out of dressing up for work. Jeans and a T-shirt will work for me or anything that’s clean for that matter. I already hate waking up early for work so I definitely don’t have time to worry about what I’m going to wear–especially to a place I dread going to most days. So when I actually do dress up for work, I draw the types of reactions that make me regret dressing up in the first place!

Who are you looking cute for? (Your dad) Where are you going after work?? (To work the corner) Hot date??? (No, a cold one) How about just say that you like what I’m wearing and keep it moving?! It’s annoying. And what’s worse is when someone says, Oh, you look cute today, as if I haven’t looked cute any other days. If you’re going to pay me a compliment, do it right! I’m just saying! The fact of the matter is, my relationship status has nothing to do with why I look nice a certain day. Not saying that I don’t try or enjoy looking nice for him but my man is not my sole purpose for allowing my femininity to show. 

I look nice because the weather is nice. I look nice because God woke me up. I look nice because I actually woke up on time. I look nice because I made a conscious decision to look like I care about myself. NOT in order to gain, keep, or entertain male attention. I believe Janelle Monáe said it best, “Sit Down. I am not here for male consumption.” So think twice before you ask a woman why she’s dressed up or who she’s dressed up for. You just might get an earful in return.

– A Black Girl About Town

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