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D.I.Y Manicure|Wet n’Wild Megalast Review!!!

I don’t usually do my own manicures, but when I do, they never turn out this good! I’m talking lumpy, polish on my skin, just a hot mess, which is why I don’t mind kicking out a few dollars to go to the nail salon. But the way my account is set up, I don’t have the funds to do that as much as I’d like to!

The problem with doing my own nails, besides the fact that I’m not a nail technician, is that it’s hard as heck trying polish with your opposite hand! So most of the time I end up having one fairly decent hand and another poorly painted masterpiece! Another thing I’ve come to realize that not all formulas are not created equally. Some have a thicker texture. So if you’re applying multiple coats without letting the first one dry all the way, it’s not going to work in your favor. But alas, I’ve finally found a polish worth blogging about and it was with me all along.


Wet N’ Wild ~ Megalast

Color 214C ( I Red a Good Book/ Balloon Rouge)

I purchased this nail polish for the low-low ($1.99) at my local Rite Aid a few months back. I haven’t really used it much, except for testing it out and contemplated getting rid of it altogether. The other night I was in the mood to paint my nails and decided to give it a chance and I’m glad that I did. This color pops on my skin! I applied a few coats, let it dry then topped it with the L.A. Girl Gel Shine Top Coat.


  • Dries fast
  • Wide brush which helps apply evenly
  • Affordable- Only $1.99 from Rite Aid


Upon drying, the color seems to dull out. You will need to use some sort of clear polish as a top coat in order to get that shine!


This polish was definitely worth the $1.99 that I spent. As stated previously, I would definitely use a top coat of clear polish to get that shine. Also, just a tip: If you’re terrible at painting your nails like me, place a piece of tape on the skin around the nail. This will help guard your skin from any paint spills!

Stay Fabulous

– A Black Girl About Town

* All products were purchased with my own money

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