Things We Need to STOP Doing on Social Media in 2017– and Beyond!

1. Posting all of your business. (T.M.I. girl, T.M.I.)

2. Liking your own posts. (Vain much?)

3. Logging on to ask questions you could have asked Google. Ex: Anyone hiring? Where can I call to start making payments on my student loans? (These are real examples that people that I know have used, by the way)

4. Calling someone your hubby/wifey and y’all ain’t married.

5. Promoting people’s businesses who you don’t know but won’t promote your own family and friends.

6. Sending chain mail messages as if you’re still in middle school. Ex: If you don’t share this message with 20 people you’ll have bad luck for the next 20 years.

7. Believing everything you read on these so called “news” websites.

8. Taking pictures or recording people you don’t know even if they are doing something crazy. (Somebody’s gonna get hurt doing that foolishness)

9. Tagging me in groups I never asked to be a part of if the first place.

10. Sending requests to play games.

Did I miss anything? What are some things you’d like people to stop doing on social media? Leave a comment!

– A Black Girl About Town

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