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No Resolution? No Problem! 3 Ways to Still Have a Successful Year


I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions. I actually haven’t made one in a while. Between the cliche sayings {New Year, New Me!} and people that feel the need to flood social media with meaningless posts regarding how many people they plan to cut off in the new year or those that feel compelled to write a post letting EVERYONE know they’re leaving social media–making New Year’s Resolutions has become rather pretentious, and predictable.

Now this is no shade to anyone that makes New Year’s Resolutions. I’m all for people wanting to make change in their lives, I just choose to operate differently. And personally, I don’t feel as though anyone should wait until the New Year arrives for them to make change. I understand the new year allows us to have a fresh start, but truthfully speaking, we should always be in the habit of setting goals for ourselves. In any event, here are some things things that have helped me have successful year in 2016. I hope they’ll help you too!

1. Be Realistic

Sure, going to the gym everyday would be ideal for anyone but when you take other factors into consideration, (work, school, family, etc) your dreams of that happening seem less likely. You may have the best intentions, but life happens.Be realistic about what you can accomplish given your obligations.

2. Write Down Your Goals and the Steps it will take to Accomplish Them

Get yourself a journal, a notepad, heck even a black and white composition book  will work and write down all that you wish to accomplish. But don’t stop there! Go the extra mile and write down the necessary steps that will help you accomplish said goals. If your goal for the New Year is to save money write down your action plan. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate. For example, decide how much money you want to save, how you plan to get the money (a second job, overtime), how long you need to save until you reach your goal, etc. Update your journal each time you’ve completed a new goal.

3. Hustle in Silence

Everything doesn’t need to be broadcast to the entire world. Sometimes we are so eager to share everything with everyone that we end up speaking prematurely. Hustle in silence and let your acomplishments speak for themselves.

Hope you have a great year!

-A Black Girl About Town

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