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Stylin’|How I Style My Crochet Braids 

Hey Guys,

It’s been a minute! Hope you all enjoyed this three-day holiday weekend! Can you believe summer is basically over? Sigh. Anyway, I wanted to share how I styled my crochet braids with you!

Yes, these are crochet braids! I love them because they are so close to my natural texture hair. I used only two packs of Kanekelon braiding hair that I had lying around and cut them in half.

 After installing the crochet braids, I two-strand twisted them using the Define My Curls Crème by Motions.  It softens the hair especially after they’ve been installed for a while, they can get a bit rough. It smells lovely by the way.

Now that the twists are finished, I rolled the hair using perm rods from the beauty supply and dipped them into hot water for a few seconds each. The water is what helps to form the curls. Careful not to burn yourself!

I add a little holding spray, tie my hair and sleep with the rods overnight. The next morning, I unfasten the rods and take out the twists. After teasing a bit, here is the final result:

Not too shabby! I usually repeat these steps as often as needed.

What Do You Think?


The College Grad

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