Life Never Seems So Precious Until It’s Threatened

This past weekend was probably the most scared I’ve ever been in my life…

It all started around a quarter past 11 on Friday night. I had just decided to take it down for the night in order to rest up for a baby shower the next day; however my plans were interrupted by the overbearing sounds of police sirens and helicopters.

Out of nowhere, I heard the pow, pow, pow of gunfire which caused me to go running for cover. I had never heard anything like it before. Not even in the biggest action flick you can name with a star studded cast and a multi- million dollar budget. I frantically phoned my mother, a retired police officer, as shots continued to ring off in the background. She encouraged me to keep calm and remain underneath the dining room table which I used to seek refuge from the chaos that was unfolding outside.

What in God’s name was going on? Apparently, a gunman with a hatred for law enforcement, had walked up to a police patrol car and began shooting, 18 times in total. He then wounded two individuals at a local bar. He also shot two individuals sitting in a car, killing one and leaving the other in critical condition. Ultimately he was captured and killed but not before he managed to wound another officer. All of this unfolded steps away from my apartment.

As I lay on the floor of my apartment, all I could do was pray for God’s mercy and protection. Jesus literally acted as my hedge of protection that night. I didn’t know where the bullets were coming from, if they might come through my window or if the the suspect(s) would enter my apartment, seeking to hideout from the police. These are just some of the thoughts that traveled through my mind that night. It made me realize just how fragile life is. It can be taken from us at any moment. We truly never know how precious it is until it is threatened or comes under some sort of attack. I hope to never feel as frightened and as helpless as I did that night.

Police later discovered a letter penned by the gunman where he expressed his hatred for police. I understand the anger. Black, unarmed men, women and children continue to die at the hands of law enforcement each day. But all of this violence in the name of retaliation is just pointless. It’s only making things worse and adding to the number of innocent lives lost.

My heart goes out to the victims of this attack and others that unfolded this past weekend.

Peace be with you,

The College Grad

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You can read more about the story  here:;-gunman-1-victim-dead-/1515297/

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