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Exploring Philly After Hours

When’s the last time you took the opportunity to explore the beauty in your own city? I mean really look around, not in a rush to get somewhere? Would I be jumping the gun if I said never? Why is it that we can willingly explore the depths of other lands, spending hundreds upon thousands of dollars to do so, yet decline the chance to explore our own city for free? After dining out for Restaurant Week, I took the opportunity to explore Philly after hours, taking in all of the beauty that I so casually ignore on a regular basis.

Macy’s–the old Wanamaker Building

It wasn’t until I went away to college and came back home on a trip that I truly appreciated the place that I called home. The “LOVE” statue that I scoffed at tourists for taking cheesy photos in front of, the vendor carts selling various types of dishes, heck even public transportation and the ability to move about the city without a car was so precious to me after being deprived of it!

“For Without Faith It Is Impossible to Please God…”Hebrews 11:6 — Municipal Building

It’s great to explore other places! In fact I encourage it. But let us not neglect the beauty right in our own neck of the woods. Philly may not be the best city by any means, but it is home!

City Hall

What do you like most about exploring your hometown?

– A Black Girl About Town


2 piece matching set:: Forman Mills

Long Cardigan:: Boutique

Shoes:: Poshmark



    1. Yes! So sad but true. It was definitely one of those ‘aha’ lightbulb moments for me. Thanks for reading 😊

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