5 Tips for a Successful Interview

As the northeast prepared for potentially one of the worst snow storms of the season, I on the other hand prepared myself for an interview. The weather was not in my favor and on top of that, I was suffering with a bad hair day! Luckily, I survived, which inspired me to share my five tips for a successful interview. Hopefully they will prove successful for you as well.

Tip #1 – Dress for Success

I believe in second chances, but why not knock ‘em dead on the first try? After all, first impressions are very important, so of course you want to make sure that you look your best. Let’s just face it, you are judged on your appearance to some extent, whether intentionally or unintentionally. It makes sense because the first thing people notice about you is how you look.

The Perfect Outfit

Now, dressing for success does not mean that you have to go broke in the process. There are many places to shop, even on a budget. For example, one of my new favorite places to shop is Ross Dress for Less. And believe me, they weren’t lying! As you may know, peplum is one of the latest fashion trends of the season. Pep·lum (noun) A short flared ruffle attached to the waist of a jacket or blouse.(Encarta Dictionary)I was able to find a red, tailored, peplum dress at Ross for less than ten dollars! You can’t beat that.

One great thing I love about fashion is that you can break and even make your own rules. Now, let’s take that red dress that I just mentioned. In the past, there would have been two options as far as footwear. Coordinate the dress with either a pair or red shoes to match, or a pair of black shoes, because black goes with everything, right? Well, those rules don’t always have to apply, ladies! A pair of nude pumps does the trick just right.


Now, when it comes to accessories, sometimes less is more. It’s not always in your best interest to pile on the accessories as they can be a distraction, or even ruin a perfectly good outfit. So take heed to the advice of a true fashion icon, Coco Chanel and take off one thing before you leave the house.

For this outfit, I kept the accessories to a bare minimum; a heart necklace, (a gift from my beau) a red pendant in the shape of a dress, (American Heart Association, Go Red for Women) and a teal, oval shaped ring from Burlington Coat Factory. Last but not least, no woman is complete without her bag, which brings me to another great new place that I love to shop, The Buffalo Exchange.

The name says it all. In this post recession economy, people are still shopping and also still finding other ways to make money. The Buffalo Exchange is kind of like a second hand store where you can buy and sell clothes, or exchange goods for something you see in the store. There, I found a red, quilt print handbag with a gold clasp closure and gold, chain link embellished arm strap. It has plenty of room and compartments inside and I carry it everywhere and it cost me less than $20!

Hair & Makeup

Earlier in this post I mentioned that I was suffering with a bad hair day. It was pretty rainy that morning so I didn’t want to curl my hair and run the risk of looking like a wet puppy for my interview. I decided to try an old hairstyle but with a new twist. You may be familiar with these French braids that many of your favorite celebs have been rocking. The Halo or Crown Braid are just a few of the names it is known by because of the way it wraps around the head. It is quick and easy, yet convenient and stylish at the same time.

All you’ll need is a brush, hairspray, gel, and a few bobby pins. Decide which side of your hair you want to start at and get braiding! It can be as loose or tight as you please, but avoid those pesky “bubbles” that can sometimes occur when braiding your hair. In case you’re wondering how to try this style, Youtube has many great tutorials for hair and makeup as well. And speaking of makeup, go with the less is more theme and try not to pile it on. Remember, this is an interview, save the darker shades for a girl’s night out and try something a little brighter for this occasion.

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