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OOTN|Return of the Chain Link Print đź”—

If there's one item I've been so desperately trying to get my hands on this summer, it would be anything featuring this chain link print! This print was big a few years back and could be found on any high end brand like Michael Kors to more affordable retailers like Forever 21. It is now… Continue reading OOTN|Return of the Chain Link Print đź”—

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Fashion Fridays: A Few Fashionable Finds

A graphic tee is a great way to make a statement without actually having to utter a single word. It speaks for itself. It expresses your mood, sense of humor, cultural pride, and political views. A graphic tee can also be a bit of an esteem booster like the one I recently purchased. This criss… Continue reading Fashion Fridays: A Few Fashionable Finds


Miami|Summer ’17 Lookbook!!!

One of my favorite things about traveling, other than exploring new places, is deciding what outfits I'm going to wear while exploring those places! When I think about Miami, there are a few things that come to mind like, bright colors and fun patterns, which I definitely tried to incorporate into my wardrobe. In addition,… Continue reading Miami|Summer ’17 Lookbook!!!

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OOTN: Mock Necks X High Waists 

Winter is not ready to leave us just yet... Willow Grove Mall Willow Grove, PA     About the Outfit... Top:: Poshmark Jeans:: H&M Boots: Forman Mills -A Black Girl About Town Follow me on Social Media! Twitter:: @its_Zeena Instagram:: @z_marie25


My Favorite Looks of 2016!!!

As the year comes to a close, its pretty standard to do a few things: 1) Make New Year's Resolutions (I'll share why I don't make them in a future post) and 2) Review the best celebrity fashion trends that have inspired us all. Well, I'm not a celebrity, but I've worn some pretty dope… Continue reading My Favorite Looks of 2016!!!


How to Win at Online Shopping

Most people look at me crazy when I tell them I prefer to shop online but what's so crazy about scoring discounts all from the convenience of my own home? I don't have to deal with rude shoppers who let their children rip and run throughout the stores, bad attitude having salesperson, long lines, funky… Continue reading How to Win at Online Shopping