My Favorite Looks of 2016!!!

As the year comes to a close, its pretty standard to do a few things: 1) Make New Year's Resolutions (I'll share why I don't make them in a future post) and 2) Review the best celebrity fashion trends that have inspired us all. Well, I'm not a celebrity, but I've worn some pretty dope… Continue reading My Favorite Looks of 2016!!!

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Weekend Recap~Miss Tootsie’s Soulfood Restaurant

Hello lovelies! Hope you had a good weekend! In continued celebration of my birthday, I went out this past weekend to a soul food restaurant called Miss Tootsie's, here in Philly. This South Street staple is known for its award winning fried chicken, complimentary corn muffins with a sweet combo of butter and jam spread… Continue reading Weekend Recap~Miss Tootsie’s Soulfood Restaurant


Summer Faves: Crop Tops & Maxi Dresses

Ok, it's not officially Summer yet but it sure feels like it here in Philly. Temperatures reached the mid 90's two days in a row. Needless to say, you don't want any tight clothing hanging to your body. When it gets like that, a crop top and maxi skirt will do! Maxi skirts are so… Continue reading Summer Faves: Crop Tops & Maxi Dresses


This Outfit? Less than $100 bucks? Shut Up!

For me, Fashion was never about buying the most expensive items or keeping up with the Jones', as they say. I could NEVER be one of those people that stand in lines, waiting on the latest sneaker, just to look like everyone else! I'm just sayin'. I don't even like sneakers that much! It's more… Continue reading This Outfit? Less than $100 bucks? Shut Up!