Why I’ll Always Love Dark- Skinned Aunt Viv👑💃🏾

Growing up, there were few women on TV that shared the same deep, brown complexion as me and even fewer that played lead roles. More often than not, they played the single, smart-mouthed sidekick to the fairer skinned friend who had it all– a man and dream job included. While there may have been someContinue reading “Why I’ll Always Love Dark- Skinned Aunt Viv👑💃🏾”

Everyday is Mother’s Day!!!

Contrary to popular belief, Mother’s Day is NOT the second Sunday in May. I know, you’re probably reading this thinking, this girl is crazy. Here comes another one of those semi “woke” sistas talking noise about how it’s just another manmade holiday, centered around commercialism with nothing at all do with the woman who gave you life.Continue reading “Everyday is Mother’s Day!!!”