The Miseducation of Lil’ Wayne

The number of so called celebrities who open up their mouths and make absurd comments comes a dime a dozen. We know this all too well. One of them just so happens to be running for the president of the United States, but this post won’t be dedicated to the big-mouthed, trash talkin’, comb overContinue reading “The Miseducation of Lil’ Wayne”

Mexico|Day 2

Hello Again, Before I get into the details of my trip to Mexico, I just wanted to share a few thoughts on what’s been going on lately. Whether you are for Black Lives Matter, All Lives Matter, Blue, Green or Yellow Lives Matter, we can all agree that life matters, Period! These senseless killings areContinue reading “Mexico|Day 2”

Not Again! Another Black Life Lost by Police Overly Excessive Force

Alton Sterling, a black father of five was the latest victim to be slain at the hands of the police. According to, Sterling is the 114th black man to be killed by police this year. Sterling was selling cds outside of a local convenience store in Baton Rouge, Louisiana when police received a callContinue reading “Not Again! Another Black Life Lost by Police Overly Excessive Force”