My 30th Birthday Bucket List + Ideas for Celebrating Milestone Birthdays During Quarantine 🎂 🥳

Photo by Marina Lima on Unsplash When the Corona Virus Pandemic hit us earlier this year, imposing limitations of all sorts, not much seemed possible, let alone celebrations. While virtual gatherings have become the ‘norm’ these days, between tik tok videos, zoom call meetings, and online learning, it can all start to feel rather mundaneContinue reading “My 30th Birthday Bucket List + Ideas for Celebrating Milestone Birthdays During Quarantine 🎂 🥳”

3 Things We Can All Do To Help During the CoronaVirus Pandemic

Photo by Leohoho on Unsplash It’s safe to say that nothing quite threw a wrench in our plans to make 2020 our year quite like the Coronavirus. Travel plans have halted, college courses have been re-routed to an online format, and let’s not get started with dating. While we find solace in humor during theseContinue reading “3 Things We Can All Do To Help During the CoronaVirus Pandemic”

When Beauty Meets Pain in an Off-the-Shoulder Boohoo Dress 💃🏾🤦🏽‍

Ever since my college days, online shopping has been my preference. Heck, as a college student with no car, staying on campus in a small town, it was virtually my only option! I would browse the pages of from the comfort of my dorm room, fill my cart to my heart’s content, and checkContinue reading “When Beauty Meets Pain in an Off-the-Shoulder Boohoo Dress 💃🏾🤦🏽‍”

Fashion Fridays: A Few Fashionable Finds

A graphic tee is a great way to make a statement without actually having to utter a single word. It speaks for itself. It expresses your mood, sense of humor, cultural pride, and political views. A graphic tee can also be a bit of an esteem booster like the one I recently purchased. This crissContinue reading “Fashion Fridays: A Few Fashionable Finds”

5 Self-Care Tips to Practice in 2017!!!

  Women. We just do it all, don’t we?  Not only do we bring home the bacon (and cook it too!),  we find the time to manage a budding social life, pursue our career aspirations, devote our time to noteworthy causes, become romantically involved and still manage to look halfway decent! It’s a tough job, but someoneContinue reading “5 Self-Care Tips to Practice in 2017!!!”

3 Things To Do If You’re Snowed In

The East Coast was hit with our first major snow storm of the season. The Philadelphia area saw about 22 inches of the white stuff. I call it pay back for the unseasonably mild temperatures we’ve been having lately, others call it Winter. A storm of this magnitude literally shuts everything down. If you drive,Continue reading “3 Things To Do If You’re Snowed In”

Fashion News: ANTM comes to an end

Earlier this week model and mogul Tyra Banks announced that this will be the last season of America’s Next Top Model. I don’t know about you all but that was my show! My best friend and I would call each other on the phone and watch it together every week! It was that serious! ANTMContinue reading “Fashion News: ANTM comes to an end”

{Philly} Event Alert: 2nd Annual Women in Media Conference

Originally posted on This Brown Queen:
Happy Saturday loves! Stopping in to tell you all about another great event coming to the city of brotherly love and sisterly affection. The Women in Media Conference is taking place next Saturday, September 20, 2014 here in Philly. Fellow bloggers, writers, journalists, and media professionals, if you’re in…