“Don’t be a hard rock when you really are a gem…”

The past few weekends have been pretty busy so I promised myself the next weekend I had free, I would do absolutely NOTHING. Don’t get me wrong, busy is good. We like busy. I took a trip to Mexico as an early birthday gift to myself, went to a karaoke lounge the day of my […]

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#Lemonade Review!!!

This past weekend Beyoncé served up a cold batch of #Lemonade and I along with the rest of the world am still trying to digest it all. The highly anticipated album aired as an hour long HBO special, free of charge much to fans delight. After dropping her fifth album in the middle of the night […]

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“I don’t care if we’re On The Run..”

This past weekend I attended the concert that has already been called the hottest show of the summer! Jay Z and Beyoncé; On The Run Tour in Philly. Had a great time, sang and danced all night, feet hurt! If I had to sum this show up in three words, I’d say Ah-maz-zzing! Simply put, amazing. Each […]

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Summer; Sights & Sounds

This summer, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing one of my favorite new artists in concert, Miguel. To be honest, if someone had asked me who he was just a few months back, I wouldn’t have known how to respond. Fast forward to the present, I am listening to him on a daily basis! After […]