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Sunday Inspiration: I was being bullied at work for my hair! 💇

I was being bullied at work for my hair! Yes girl, they tried me but trust, God had a plan all along! He used a situation at work that was meant to destroy me and turned it around for my good! For the longest time, I couldn’t figure out how I would share it, if […]

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More and more recently, women in show biz as well as everyday women have been embracing their natural hair texture. Going for more natural looking styles for me has been very empowering and challenging at the same time. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been stopped on the street by admirers, white and […]

Black Hair Issues Hair

Is that your hair? How do you do that? Can I touch it?

( These are questions that I and weave wearers like myself are asked on the daily. When these questions arise, I try to handle each query with style and grace.  Just the other day a woman asked me, “Is that your hair?” I replied with a sassy smile as if to say, Wouldn’t you like […]

black hair Black Hair Issues Social Commentary

Hair, Hair, Who Cares?

When I heard some of the ignorant comments made towards 16 year old Gabby Douglas, who recently won a gold medal in gymnastics for her country, I just had to react. After all she has accomplished, the only topic of importance was none other than, her hair. While other 16 year olds are starring on […]