3 Tips that Made My Tiny Apartment *Feel* Bigger

Later this month, I am moving from a tiny junior one bedroom into a more spacious one bedroom apartment. Prior to that, my first apartment was an efficiency. If anyone knows a thing or two about making space in a tiny apartment, it’s me! Here are a few hacks that have helped me over the years:

1. Down-sizing Furniture

Upon moving out on my own, my mother had handed me down a sofa and rectangular dinning set. As a recent graduate, I was grateful for anything I could receive! Once I had moved to the junior one bedroom however, this set up no longer worked. I’d once had a separate dinning room which perfectly housed a large dinning set. I now had a kitchen, living, and dinning room sharing the same space. While I enjoyed having an actual bedroom, the living area felt easily overcrowded. Then out of a sheer blessing, I was given a dinette set that was about half the size of my original one. I had also opted for a futon that was slimmer than the sofa, and doubled as a bed incase I had company. It was a win-win situation.

2. Add Mirrors

I once took a tour of a potential apartment and I learned a hack that has stuck with me ever since. There was a huge mirror on the living room wall. “Don’t pay attention to it ( the mirror),” the leasing agent told me as she fixed my gaze elsewhere. She warned that it would lead me to believe the place was bigger than it was actually. It’s a common hack that realtors often use as mirrors give off the optical illusion of making things appear larger.

3. Purging (often)

Over time, we accumulate a multitude of possessions. Much of which don’t get used on a daily basis. Clearing out my closets of old garments and unused items is an act that I practice on the regular. Once I have determined what I no longer use, I either donate it to a local thrift store or list it for sale on one of the many reselling apps.

These tips have helped me to make space within my small living space. What say you? How do you manage to make space when there is none?

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