Things to Know Before Working From Home

Working from home seems like a dream, especially coming from a toxic workplace environment. When given the opportunity, many would see this as a no-brainer. Working from the comfort of your own home, where you set the tone for the day, control the temperature, and don’t have to deal with the office politics or water cooler gossip is ideal. There’s also the not having to drive part for me. The benefits continue to add up. There are, however, a few things to keep in mind before making your home, work from home ready.

Simple background works best

Finding your ideal setup may take a few try’s. And that’s okay! This is where you’ll be working after all, so you want to make sure you’re the most comfortable. Initially, my desk faced the wall which was fine, but when it came time to use video, I didn’t really care to have my background shown in the camera. I found that positioning my desk in front of a bare wall with a just a calendar and plant in the background worked best.

Beware of Cords

Not every job requires you to have a laptop alone. In some cases, you may be required to use multiple desktop monitors or office telephone. Not to mention those personal household items like a lamp or ring light in this day and age (which comes in handy for those virtual meetings), printer, and Wifi router. It’s giving confusion. When I mentioned this to a friend of mine, she suggested possibly looking into a desk that conceals cords.

Increase in household utilities

Working from home means that you’ll be home more. This means more electricity usage to power your work station or gas to heat your home during the colder months. Since you won’t have to drive or commute, this may balance out, however, it’s definitely something to keep an eye on. I opt to open the blinds whenever possible to allow some good sunlight in and unplug anything that I don’t find to be of use.

What are some things you wish you had prepared your home for before working from home?

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