Marble + Gold Ikea- Inspired Utility Cart DIY! ✨

When I first moved out on my own, ninety percent of my apartment consisted of zebra printed patterns. It’s cringe-worthy when I think of it now, but if you were a 20- something in the 2010’s, this coveted print was definitely apart of the first apartment starter kit! While my taste has certainly grown more sophisticated over time, truth is, I have become fond of yet another pattern, only this time, it’s not plastered all over, rather decorated in subtle hints. What is it, you ask? Marble!

Marble is synonymous with all things elegant. When I stumbled across a roll of marble contact paper in the dollar store, I knew it’d be just what I needed to revamp an old cart I used to store my kitchen appliances.

While the contact paper would work to cover the actual shelves, I knew I needed something else for the legs, so I purchased a can of Metallic Gold Spray paint from Lowe’s. In a well-ventilated area, I carefully sprayed each of the legs (wheels included), as well as the trim of each shelf.

Once they were completely dry, I disassembled the entire cart, exposing the shelves. I then laid one of the shelves on top of the contact paper, traced around its frame with a pencil and then cut out the shape.

I removed the paper and smoothed the sticky side over the shelf. There was a slight overlap, which I attempted to trim but overall, I was impressed! I repeated this step for the remaining two shelves.

What do you think of the the finished product? Let me know if you’d like to see more diy project like this in the comments and I’ll gladly share more!

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