5 Black TV Show Theme Songs Performed by Black Musicians 🎶 ðŸŽ¤

TV shows come dime a dozen but successful ones keep audiences coming back every week. What exactly makes for good TV? Well for starters, an interesting story line, character development,  conflict of course, and if at all possible,  a memorable theme song! These Black TV show theme songs were performed by amazing black artists including a Queen of Soul, a band of R&B crooners, and a Hip Hop icon.

1. Eve

In the 2000s, Ruffer Ryders’ first Lady and Philly-Native, Eve proved to be a triple threat with chart-topping singles, a clothing line (Fetish), and a sitcom with her namesake on the UPN Network. Fellow rapper and icon Missy Elliot spoke for all of us when she sang, E-V-E, how you do that?, in the opening credits for the show.

2. Girlfriends

In just a few short lines, R&B Diva, Angie Stone perfectly summed up how we feel about our girls in the theme song for the hit UPN show, Girlfriends.

3. The Proud Family

Long before she was singing Cranes in the Sky, a young Solange Knowles sang the theme song to Disney Channel’s animated series, The Proud Family, with background vocals from Destiny’s Child.

4. Power

“Big Rich Town” by 50 Cent featuring R&B singer Joe, is the opening theme song and fan favorite of the gritty, drama Power. Fans of the show were less than pleased with the remix which features Trey Songz on the hook.

5. A Different World

A Different World gave many viewers a first-time look at Black collegiate life. In addition, it tackled serious issues like racism and consent, to name a few. We also were blessed with a few renditions of the theme song (originally performed by Phoebe Snow.)1 The Queen of Soul herself, Aretha Franklin’s vocals were used for seasons 2 through 5, while Boys II Men (and Terrance Forsythe) took the reins for the 6th season. Both versions ate and left no crumbs!

Did you know the artists behind these popular TV show theme songs? Which ones are your favorites? Leave a comment!



  1. I never knew that Angie Stone sung the opening theme to Girlfriends! The Proud Family was my show! I love how Solange sung it. This is such a great post!

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