3 Things We Can All Do To Help During the CoronaVirus Pandemic

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It’s safe to say that nothing quite threw a wrench in our plans to make 2020 our year quite like the Coronavirus. Travel plans have halted, college courses have been re-routed to an online format, and let’s not get started with dating. While we find solace in humor during these troubling times, it’s certainly not meant to minimize the situation or the pain of those directly impacted. More than ever, we need to lean on one another, within a socially acceptable distance of course.

Here are 3 ways we can all help during this pandemic.

1. Patronize local businesses through food delivery apps.

Many establishments are being forced to close and the hardest hit will likely be those small, local businesses. While dining in may not be an option, take-out and delivery services are still available. Uber Eats, for instance, is currently waving delivery fees, giving patrons more of an incentive to support local eateries.

2. Stop the spread of misinformation.

More dangerous than the virus itself is the spread of misinformation concerning it. From the notion that those of African descent are exempt from contracting the virus, to refraining from drinking a certain alcoholic beverage that bears the same name, the belief in these myths can actually delay progress. Suggested Read: Don’t believe the myth that black people can’t get coronavirus by Jenice Armstrong.

3. Do Not go H.A.M (Hard as a ___) in the grocery stores.

We all need to stock up on food and supplies. From the worker whose employer has enforced a work-from-home policy, to the parents whose children are home from school for the next two weeks (or longer), to those simply observing social distancing. When doing so, however, please consider others by not shopping selfishly, hoarding, or other panic-induced tactics. One man had to learn the hard way. Read: The Man With 17, 700 Bottle of Hand Sanitizer Just Donated Them.

What are some helpful suggestions you might add to this list? Stay safe, everyone!

– A Black Girl About Town

Published by Zeena

A Black Girl About Town is a fashion-forward 30-something who dresses to the nines! Her friends flock to for details on the best places to eat, shop, dance and dine. She enjoys going places and sharing the details with you! XOXO, A Black Girl About Town!

3 thoughts on “3 Things We Can All Do To Help During the CoronaVirus Pandemic

  1. I’m so glad you pointed out the humour thing. Everyone is laughing about the virus but we know it is wrecking havoc on businesses. Things won’t remain the same after the virus.

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