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How To Mix and Match Patterns like a True Fashionista (My Most-Liked Instagram Post)🤳🏾❤

Mixing and matching patterns is something I’ve wanted to do more of in terms of fashion, lately. While it’s not rocket science, it does, however, require a certain level of je ne sais quoi. There’s no one size fits all, textbook answer to playing with patterns, but you can run the risk of looking (and feeling) circus-like if not careful (trust, I’ve done so before). During the start of Philly Fashion Week, I decided to put my spin on this trend. To my surprise, this outfit garnered lots of attention on social media, making it one of my most-liked Instagram posts to date!

Here are my tips on how to mix and match patterns like a true fashionista:

1. Remember, opposites attract!

To properly nail this trend, not only should the patterns oppose one another (polka dots/stripes), but the background colors should as well. For example, notice the white tee features black writing while the black skirt features white polka dots. Same colors but opposite placement. This subtlety creates a deeper visual impact than if both background colors were monochromatic.

Milano Tee Shirt | Available Here

2. Add a statement piece!

To really take this look to another level try adding a statement piece. I opted for a red statement overcoat to compliment the winter season. It really stood out against the black and white outfit. Bonus: Slightly drape jacket over the shoulders for maximum fashionista effect of course.

Style & co. Jacket| Available here

3. Be confident and have fun!

If you’re not confident in what you’re wearing, it shows in your face and in your mannerisms. It especially takes confidence to walk out of the house wearing patterns that would have been frowned upon in past years. Always make sure to exude confidence in what you wear because no one else is walking in your shoes, literally. And lastly, have fun! That’s what fashion is all about!

Shoes Thrifted | Skirt Gifted

What do you think of this look? Would you try mixing and matching patterns?

– A Black Girl About Town

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