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3 Ways Small Influencers Can Attract Brands on Social Media and IRL πŸ€³πŸΎ

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The term influencer gets thrown around an awful lot these days, perhaps even too much for our liking. Social media has made influencing out to be a members-only club where only those with an excess of 10k followers are granted access. While the rest of us are onlooking from the outside of the club, hoping to get in, some have resorted to unorthodox tactics to snag their seat at the table (paying for likes/follows). Yet, the truth is, no matter the size of the platform, we all have the capacity to influence.

Whether you know it or not, you influence people everyday. We influence our family, friends, and strangers to watch a particular show, shop at a certain store, dine at a new restaurant and much more. As content creators, our followers value our expert opinion and brands have been catching on, hence why influencer marketing is so heavily relied upon. While size does matter to an extent, it’s not the end all be all. Smaller influencers can still gain the attention of some of their favorite brands. Here’s a few things that yielded results for me:

1. Tag them in your content!

Forman Mills is one of my absolute favorite places to shop. Over the years, I’ve fallen in love with their affordable fashions! Whenever I post an outfit to my Instagram, I make sure to tag them. Because I show love, they return the love by liking, commenting and even re-posting me on their feed!

However, just because I tag them doesn’t make them obligated to do anything. Keep in mind, many of these accounts are followed by thousands of people all tagging them at once! Don’t take it personally if they don’t reply. I’ve come across many people who get upset when a brand doesn’t respond to their posts. This entitled behavior won’t make a brand want to work with you. Continue being consistent and what you desire will come!

2. Participate in contests!

Contests are not only a great way to gain free perks, but they can also put you on your favorite brand’s radar. For example, when Forman Mills announced a contest on Instagram, calling for the best captions on their post, I entered and won! In addition to receiving a $50 gift card, the retailer also followed me on Instagram. Talk about bragging rights!

3. Fill out surveys!

Don’t sleep on those receipts. After filling out a customer feedback survey by following the prompts on the bottom of my receipt, I was invited to customer feedback panel at Forman Mills Headquarters! Not only was I compensated with a $50 gift card for my time, I actually had the chance to have my opinions heard and implemented. This would have never happened had I just trashed my receipt. It pays to shop!

While these actions helped me to gain the attention of one of my favorite places to shop, there are tons of other ways. What are some practices that have yielded results for you?

– A Black Girl About Town

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