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Chill Moody Presents: Girls Like Nice Things Pop Up Art Exhibit/Jam Session Featuring Elle Varner!

Perhaps one of the coolest things about living in America’s Birthplace is that you don’t have to look too far to join in on the festivities. In the days leading up to July 4th, there are events happening all over Philadelphia. Whatever your ‘thing’ is, there’s something for that! As of lately, my thing has been laying low, enjoying great vibes and great views and I got just that at the Girls like Nice Things event last night.

Blouse, Shorts- Forman Mills

This event showcased amazingly talented female artists as well a merchants market for vendors to sell their products, all while overlooking a magnificent view. And did I forget to mention, it was all free?! Only in Philly would something like this even be possible.

Deja- @whatwedoevents

Heyy sis👋🏾

The highlight of my night was when Elle Varner took the stage and belted out a few new and classic hits, such as ‘Only Wanna Give it to You’ and ‘Refill.’ I had the opportunity to see her a few years back when she opened for Miguel at The House of Blues in Atlantic City. I was as blown away last night as I was back then!

What do you think about this event? Whatever your plans are for the holiday weekend, may you have a safe and fun time!✨

– A Black Girl About Town

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