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When Beauty Meets Pain in an Off-the-Shoulder Boohoo Dress πŸ’ƒπŸΎπŸ€¦πŸ½β€

Ever since my college days, online shopping has been my preference. Heck, as a college student with no car, staying on campus in a small town, it was virtually my only option! I would browse the pages of from the comfort of my dorm room, fill my cart to my heart’s content, and check out with a breeze using my Paypal account. No long lines, no unorganized racks, or wasted trips to the mall. All of that sounds easy enough until you get the item and find that it fits nothing like you thought it would.

Resized_20180615_151822_8522-1 (1)

This recently happened to me with a dress I purchased from Boohoo. The UK-based retailer caught my eyes the past few years with their ‘gram worthy looks and sales boasting 50% off. To date, I’ve purchased a romper, an evening dress and most recently an off-the-shoulder dress that made the perfect graduation outfit. Unfortunately, my excitement caused me to forget that I needed to order a size up. Normally, I would wear a size 2 but because Boohoo is based in the UK where the sizing is a bit different, a size 4 would’ve been a better fit for me.


I could sit here and tell you how many compliments I received but I’d rather be honest. While it may look as if I am snatched, honey, I must admit I was a bit uncomfortable. Though I had more than enough time to send it back before graduation, I decided that I would make it work, do a few crunches, wear shape wear and when all else fails, suck it in! All of this foolishness just to fit in a dress that I’ll wear one time! I love fashion but I definitely don’t believe that it should cause you pain on your body or wallet. Next time, I’ll be more careful and pay attention before adding to my cart. If anyone has shopped at Boohoo, can you relate? Do you purchase your size or do you have to go a size up or down?


Also, if you have any questions about an outfit that I’ve worn or want to me to feature your fashion related questions on my blog, feel free to shoot me an email at: Add Fashion Fridays in the subject. Hope to hear from you!

– A Black Girl About Town


    1. Aww, thank you! ❀We definitely take a gamble when shopping online. That’s why I try to stick to places that I have shopped before. I’ve never ordered from Fashion Nova but I have been browsing lately due to their sale. Hope it works out!!

  1. yep! had the same experience with boohoo myself. I ended up sending most of the stuff back for a bigger size. love their stuff just have to remember to go up a size.

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