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Weave it or Leave it? Havana Twist Lace Wig by Zury~ Review

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these but here we are with a second edition of Weave it or Leave it! This time, I’m here to talk about the Synthetic Lace Havana Braid Wig by Zury in the color 1B.

This wig was actually given to me by my mother who after spending $50 on this unit, cutting off the lace, undoing some of the twists, and trying it on maybe twice, decided she was going to get rid of it. Skirrrttt. Hol’ up. Wayment. Pause. Throw away a perfectly good wig? Not on my watch! So, she gave it to me.


Application and Styling

Underneath the wig, my hair is braided. You don’t have to do this but I tried to keep a stocking cap over my real hair to protect it. Of course you want to make sure your hair is properly moisturized before you complete this step. Next, I lay my edges using gel and edge control so it can hold a little better. The wig has some added “baby hair” that you can also style for a more natural look.

To secure it, there are several comb clips on the inside as well as a strap that I hardly ever use on any wig because it can get pretty tight. In order to make this wig look as natural as possible, I applied concealer to the parted sections. I also added some gold hair accessories purchased from the beauty supply for added flair.

What Wig???


Perfect for protective styles

Twists are neatly done

Very natural looking


I saw a YouTube tutorial which suggested you should undo some of the twists and re-twist them for a more natural look. I would just warn you that once you redo a twist, it’s very hard for it to stay in place. It is easy for it to come undone again, not to mention when you do your own twist, it may come out looking very different from the other twists.

I also saw a YouTube video of a woman who complained about her twists unraveling on their own after not much wear, which is rather unfortunate. After all, it is a $50 wig! I have not experienced this problem and have been wearing it for about two weeks. Overall, I am pleased with how it looks and have gotten lots of compliments.


If you’re looking for a nice protective style then look no further, however, if you’re looking for something less expensive I would recommend trying some other unit, (here or here) possibly even crochet braids.

Would you ever rock a braided or twisted wig? #WeaveIt or #LeaveIt ? Comment below! More pics to come!

– A Black Girl About Town


    1. Lol thanks! I find that putting a little concealer in the parts helps them to look a little more realistic.

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