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Vacation Vibes: South Beach, Miami Pt. 3~ Catamaran Cruise

Immediately following our Cultural Walking and Food Tour in Little Havana, we had to jet to our next activity: a three-hour Catamaran Cruise. After walking most of the morning, it was nice to sit on a boat and feel the breeze.

The Tranquility sailed past notable landmarks like star island, where we were able to see the fabulous homes of the rich and famous, including Will Smith, Gloria Estefan, and Vince Mcmahon of the WWE, to name a few. Our guides (David and Tanner) also pointed out homes where some of the most iconic movies have been filmed, like Bad Boys 2 and Scarface. Say hello to my little friend! Get a look a these views!

Monument Island

Star Island

After a few minutes of cruising on the water, we reached our destination which was a small beach with kayaks, paddleboards, snorkel gear, water trampoline and other activities for us to enjoy.  After trying my hand at kayaking, I felt much safer splashing in the water. 

Those who didn’t wish to participate in the avtivities (the beach was rocky!) were free to stay on the boat. Wine and beer were available for purchase as well as complimentary peanuts and pretzels. Guest were also welcome to bring their own snacks in a reasonable sized cooler. 

Overall, I enjoyed this cruise and would recommend it to anyone looking to see a different view of Miami. The staff was great and were very knowledgeable! 

What are some amazing cruises that you guys have been on? Stayed tuned to see what other cool places we visited in Miami!

– A Black Girl About Town

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