It’s My Birthday!!!

(Cue Uncle Luke Birthday Song)

And I’m pretty darn excited about it too! But I shouldn’t be. The closer you get to thirty, society gives you a list of reasons why you should be wallowing in your own pity. You have a job, not a career. You’ve accumulated thousands of dollars in student loan debt, which you’ll be paying off until the day you die. You’re not married, let alone engaged. Your twenties are a wrap. And on and on and on. This is enough to drive anyone to drink but for as many things that I am NOT, I can name a bunch of things that I am.


1) I am a great friend, daughter, sister, cousin, employee, lover.

2) I am a graduate student with an expected graduation date of June 2018.

3) I am a child of God, who still loves me even on my worst days!

4) I can find a darn good sale as if I was getting paid to do so!

5) I am a work in progress. (Aren’t we all?)



I’m excited for this new age, the blessings and lessons to come. Whatever is going to happen in my life, is going to happen on God’s timing–yours too! Let’s Stay Encouraged!! Stay tuned to my blog to see what birthday fun I get into this year! Also, feel free to follow me on social media!

Twitter:: @its_zeena
Instagram:: @zeenathefashionista


Top:: Pay Half

Skirt:: Eternity Fashions

Shoes:: Poshmark

Photography:: @lenzwizard

Makeup:: @talimichelleartistry

  • – A Black Girl About Town

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