Tips on Supporting Loved Ones This Graduation Season!


Graduation day is slowly approaching for many hopeful grads. They have put in years of hard work, dedication and sacrifice in exchange for a piece of paper that ultimately will decide their future. Speaking from experience, nothing trumps the excitement that I felt the moment I walked across the stage to receive my Bachelor’s Degree. All of the frustrations I felt earlier in the day– my family running late, having to rush to get my hair and makeup done—were so small in comparison to what I ultimately achieved.

This graduation season, I will be supporting two very important people in my life as they experience some of the very feelings I felt six years ago, and will be experiencing next year upon completion of graduate studies, Lord willing. I will be sitting on the sidelines, cheering them on, taking pictures and whatever else they want to do, why? Because it’s their moment. It is important to have people in our circles who can sit in the cheering section and share a genuine moment of happiness, even when the moment is not about them. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Everyone doesn’t know how to play that role. Parents can be over zealous, further contributing to that old sibling rivalry. Others may just show up for the party. Whatever the situation, we must not lose sight of what we’re there to celebrate. Here are a few ways we can support the grads in our lives:

  1. Leave your personal problems at the door!

Traffic on the Ben Franklin was a mess. The humidity is messing with your fresh press and curl. Your Uber didn’t have a charger outlet for you to use and your battery is low, inhibiting you from taking any pics. Keep it to yourself! Your grad doesn’t need to know. They have more important things to worry about like if they’re wearing their cap the right way and praying not to fall to their death in six inch heels, while sashaying across the stage to get their degree. Don’t ruin their day by making your problems their problems.

  1. Participate in the festivities!

And there will be a lot of festivities taking place. There’s the graduation ceremony, which can be hours long depending on the size of the graduating class, the celebration back at the house with family and close friends, then there’s the after graduation turn up at a lounge in the city that weekend to come. Oh, and if your grad is really trying to turn up, there just might be an after party, after the party. Take pics, tell everyone it’s your friend’s graduation so they can get into as many after spots (for free) as their hearts desire. They will greatly appreciate you for it.

  1. Check in and see how you can help!

Graduations can be stressful af. From trying to find the perfect outfit to dealing with your family from out of town, the stress level can go from 0 to 100 real quick. Not to mention the pressure of wondering if they’ll actually land a job in their intended field after graduation. Make sure you are doing your part by calling or texting to see how they are feeling. Ask if they need help doing anything because I’m sure they will.

  1. Don’t take it personal.

You might not to get a chance to take all of the pictures you want and the ones you do take might not come out right. Everyone has a good side, right. Plus your bff might forget to tag you in his or her thank you post on social media. Don’t take it personal. Most likely it was not done with malice.

Can you relate of being on the giver or the receiver of some great support? Do share!

– A Black Girl About Town

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  1. I agree with checking your problems at the door. During my graduation so many people were sharing their issues and failed to realize it was my day. Lmao

    1. Smh! I hate that. You work too hard to have your day overshadowed by other people’s problems. Not today satan lol ✋

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