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How to SLAY a 1920’s look…on a Budget!

If I had the chance to experience any time period firsthand, I would most likely choose the 1920s, for out of that Era came some of the greatest Black American musicians, poets and writers, (i.e.The Harlem Renaissance) not to mention, the fashion was on point. No matter what means people had, they took pride in dressing well and looking their best at all times!

This past weekend, I got a chance to experience a taste of the 20s at a 30th birthday bash. I could’ve easily purchased a pre-packaged costume–it sure as heck would’ve been a lot easier! But being the fashionista that I am, I opted to piece an outfit together from head to toe–all while on a budget! My inspiration for this look was Josephine Baker (of course, duh!) and our favorite bad gal, Ri Ri and her breathtaking ensemble at the 2014 CFDA Awards. I wanted to write this post in hopes that it may garner some inspiration for any of you ladies who may have a similar themed party to attend in the future, or simply for anyone that loves fashion, as do I!


One of the essentials for nailing a 1920s look has to be the headpiece. And it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg either! I purchased this black turban from the beauty supply store for just under three dollars. To give it that 1920s look I added some feathers from an old mask and attached them to the front using needle and thread.



This dress. Honey!  This dress fit Like. A. Dream! I was seriously considering not wearing it at all. It was just wayyy too shiny and the material is not the best feeling against your skin but I’m happy that I did. I purchased it online from Forever 21 for $18 (plus shipping and handling.) Not only was it delivered on time, it just so happened to be on sale. A win-win in my book.



Ladies, it is very easy to overdo it when it comes to accesories, isn’t it? Our minds tell us that we need to have it all when we really don’t. Less is actually more! I especially wanted to keep the accessories to a minimum on account of my dress being already very loud. I accessorized this look with only two pieces of jewelry; a pearl necklace I purchased ages ago from Burlington Coat Factory and an art-deco type necklace which was gifted to me a few years back. For added flair, I chose to incorporate a faux fur shawl purchased from Forever 21 on sale at $9.99.


I second guessed myself the entire time leading up to the day but it all worked out in the end! Ever been in that situation? Also, have you ever been to an era-specific themed party? Do share!

-A Black Girl About Town

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