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Feature Post: ‘Being Young and Twenty’

 I was recently contacted by Jennifer, the mastermind behind the blog, ‘Being Young and Twenty‘ to submit a piece about–you guessed it- being young and twenty! The blog serves as a resource to help twenty-somethings (and others) navigate this thing called life and if nothing else, lets readers know that they are not alone. I was grateful for the opportunity to share a piece of my struggles as a twenty-something and I truly hope that many could relate.

 Here’s a snippet of that submission:

“After I graduated college, I needed a job.

My former boss was gracious enough to re-hire me. It was KFC and I was making just over minimum wage, BUT it was putting cash in my pocket. I wasn’t always grateful because I felt like I should’ve been further in life…”

I encourage everyone to head over the the Young and Twenty blog to read the full post . I would love to know your thoughts! Also, feel free to subscribe to Being Young and Twenty’s various social channels.

– A Black Girl About Town

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