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Mini Hair, Makeup & Skin Product Haul!!!

Ladies, as I’m sure you all know, keeping up with appearances can be expensive! That’s why I was happy when I saw that many of the aisles at my local Rite Aid were flooded with yellow discount tickets! It was right on time because I needed to stock up on a few of my beloved items and try out some new things as well.

1.  Cantu Leave-in Conditioner


Now this is what I call that creamy crack! This is one of the best products for a natural, 4c girl like myself, whose hair tends to get very dry. I first tried it a few years back and no lie. It lasted soo long! I was so sad when I ran out. A little goes a long way so you don’t have to over do it and it’s not bad smelling by the way.

2. Palmer’s Olive Oil Conditioning spray


This is a first for me so if any of you have used this product before, please, put a sista up on game. The only products I’ve used by Palmer’s before is their Coco Butter sticks and lotions, however, I was in the market for a new oil for my hair but I didn’t want to spend a ton just for a tiny little bottle, so I figured I’d give it a try. It was only $2.99 and it has Jamaican Black Castor Oil which was a plus for me. I don’t particularly care too much for the smell but it’s something I could get over, I suppose.

3. Nivea Smooth Daily Moisture Body Lotion w/ Shea Butter


Many of Nivea’s products smell amazing and they don’t irritate my skin so this was a no-brainer. It was originally priced at eight dollar and some change. I paid $5 for it! Side note, I love the color and design of the bottle by the way.

4. Wet n Wild Under the Sheets Makeup Remover


Can I just be real with y’all for a moment? I hate taking off my makeup!! It’s a process applying it and a process taking it off too! Ain’t nobody got time for that!  But then I instantly regret it because it’s unsanitary and bad for your skin. That’s why I always try to keep makeup wipes around just incase I feel too lazy to wash my makeup off, the wipes can at least hold me over ’til the next morning. I like these wipes because not only do they smell nice, they come with a fairly decent amount. They get the job done.

5.Wet n’ Wild Megaslicks Lip Gloss (555B Rose Gold)


I love nude-ish shades of lipsticks and lip glosses! I feel that they compliment my skin tone well. My mom gave me the perfect nude/goldish lip gloss a while back and it fell and broke! I was hurt, okay! So when I saw that Wet n Wild’s products were thirty percent off, I figured why not? Now, usually I would choose NYX lip glosses over Wet n Wild any day but only select stores carry NYX. In the past, I purchased Wet n Wild’s Megalast lip gloss in the shade, 922A Cherry on Top. When I tell you, it was a hot, sticky mess! Honey, it was a mess! But everyone deserved a second chance, I guess. This lip gloss comes in a cute little bottle, smells great–I’m a sucker for smells, can’t you tell– and unlike that other gloss, it’s NOT a hot, sticky mess! I only wish that it gave more coverage.

6. Wet n Wild Mega Impact Mascara (C148/Very Back)


I have yet to use this mascara but honestly, you use one mascara, you’ve used them all. They come up with all these catchy names and bold claims but I feel that a dollar mascara can do the same as a thirty dollar one! You tell me!

Talk to me girls! What are your go-to hair/makeup/beauty products? Leave them in the comments!

– A Black Girl About Town

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  1. I use that very same Nivea lotion 🙂
    Works great as a makeup primer for mattifying foundation too.

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