5 Rockin’ Silver New Years Eve Dresses

Is is me, (Funky Dineva voice) or do glitzy dresses and New Year’s Eve just go together like ham and cheese? Okay, maybe not ham and cheese, but definitely some sort of combination that just works. In any event, New Year’s Eve is just a few days away. I was inspired to write a post about selecting a dress, but I wanted to go with a color scheme other than the standard “holiday colors” — i.e. red and green.

Silver is one of those colors that I don’t wear a lot of but its been catching my eyes as of late in various pieces like velvet dresses and bomber jackets to name a few. I chose a few silver dresses that’ll definitely help you stand out this New Year’s Eve! Take a look!

Metallic Ombre Dress  


Sheer Velvet Mockneck Dress


Satin Strappy Slip Dress


Long Sleeve Bodycon Dress


Sequined Maxi Cami  Dress


Hope you enjoyed this post!

Have a fabulous New Year!!

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