How to Win at Online Shopping

Most people look at me crazy when I tell them I prefer to shop online but what’s so crazy about scoring discounts all from the convenience of my own home? I don’t have to deal with rude shoppers who let their children rip and run throughout the stores, bad attitude having salesperson, long lines, funky dressing rooms, clothing misplaced or overall unorganized stores. Just me, my computer and my method of payment!

Some would argue that with online shopping, you never know what you’re getting, which I totally understand. There’s nothing worse than ordering something online, waiting two weeks for it to arrive, only to find out that it doesn’t fit like a dream as you would have hoped. Or that your item doesn’t arrive in time so you end up dishing out more money elsewhere. No one wants to take that sort of chance. As someone who’s been shopping online for quite some time now, I’ve run into my fair share of issues. I also know a thing or two when it comes to deals, so I’ve created a list of ways to help you win at online shopping, just in time for the holidays!

  1. Take advantage of sales!

Black Friday sales, after Christmas sales, Labor Day, Fourth of July and Memorial Day sales! There’s always a sale centered around the holidays. Also be on the lookout for sales during a regular week. Charlotte Russe in particular is good for this. They have what is called Shoesday Tuesday in which  they may advertise selected shoes for $25. There’s also BOGO (Buy One, Get One) which you may purchase an item and get the second at a discounted price. Another fun sale that they feature is a Happy Hour Sale in which items are discounted but only between the hours of 3-6pm.

  1. Use discount code sites!

Believe it or not, theses sites really come in handy! Retail Me Not, for instance, has a database of codes that you can apply to some of your favorite online shopping sites. Personally I’ve used this site and have scored either a discount or free shipping (can’t recall which). I would definitely check this site first to uncover deals that may not be publicized to the masses. Most times you’ll click on “Show Code” to get the code which you’ll apply to the site during checkout. You also have the opportunity of printing the coupon code to use for in-store purchases as well.

  1. Sign up for email alerts!

Listen, you get flooded with emails all day, everyday. It might as well be for something that’s worth your while. Do yourself a favor and sign up for email alerts to some of your favorite stores. They sometimes offer specials specifically to customers who are on their mailing list, kind of like a VIP, loyal customer thing. It’d be a shame to miss out for no reason.

  1. Free Shipping!

If it’s one thing I love more than shopping online, it’s FREE SHIPPING! Many sites offer free shipping over if you spend a certain amount. There are also times they may offer free shipping for over a given time period (until midnight, entire weekend). Either way, it’s something you don’t want to pass up, especially if you’ve been eying a certain something for a while.

  1. Shop resale sites!

The Letgo App, Thredup, Poshmark (my personal favorite). These sites have been coming out of the wood works but for good reason. Not only can you score big on gently used and in some cases brand new, name-brand items, you can also sell your fashions as well. We’ve all done it before, purchased an item that we just had to have but never ended up wearing. Instead of letting it accumulate dust, why not make some of your money back to spend on an item you’ll actually use? It’s very simple. Snap a picture of an item you want to sell, use a filter (or not) to draw potential buyers to the item, leave a detailed description about the item ex: if it’s new or used, the color and condition, size if applicable and post it up. I’ve sold and made purchases using the Poshmark app and I love it!

What are some of your tips for scoring online deals?


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