The Miseducation of Lil’ Wayne

The number of so called celebrities who open up their mouths and make absurd comments comes a dime a dozen. We know this all too well. One of them just so happens to be running for the president of the United States, but this post won’t be dedicated to the big-mouthed, trash talkin’, comb over wearing, unqualified male chauvinist. This time I’m talking about Lil’ Wayne.

When asked his thoughts on the Black Lives Matter Movement, in a recent interview, the rapper seemed to be oblivious to what that even was which I believe is bs, quite frankly. Furthermore, the interviewer proceeded to ask him if he felt in any way connected, to which he responded, “I don’t feel connected to a damn thing that ain’t got nothing to do with me…” Pause, wait what? This is the same person who suggested that he didn’t see racism as an issue either…


In case you don’t know, Lil’ Wayne hails from Louisiana, the same place where Alton Sterling, a black man, was slain by law enforcement for no reason, just a few months ago, yet he doesn’t feel connected to a damn thing that ain’t got nothing to do with him, right? Mr. Sterling could’ve been Lil’ Wayne’s cousin, brother, uncle, friend. It could’ve even been him! My point being, it doesn’t effect you until it effects you! It’s easy to disassociate yourself from a situation until it hits home, God forbid

The comments that he made, making a mockery of a movement that people are quick to label as a hate group anyway, is just what some racist Trump supporter would love to hear. I’m truly hoping that Lil’ Wayne was just high as a kite that day, which I wouldn’t doubt, judging by his behavior and some of his song lyrics. But more than that, I think he needs to lay off of doing interviews for a while until he can learn how to address certain questions without making a donkey out of himself, literally.


I guess you can’t expect every celebrity to take a stand when it comes to certain issues. What are your thoughts? How would you feel if your favorite celebrity publicly shared views that were opposite of yours? Listen to the comments here. I must warn you, they are cringe worthy.

– A Black Girl About Town




Published by Zeena

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4 thoughts on “The Miseducation of Lil’ Wayne

  1. My friend showed me an article on the interview today. I couldn’t believe what I was reading, but when I watched the video, he seemed obviously high.

    Also, I’ve learned to ignore most celebrities’ stance on certain issues, especially when it’s controversial. Either his brain cells are fried, or he’s just doing this as a publicity stunt.

    On one hand though, I do see his point. He said his place as a rich black man with a white man wanting to film and interview him is evidence that his black life matters, and that he’s allowed to live a high life (no pun intended). But he forgets (as you pointed out) that his reality is not the same for most others. And so, it doesn’t matter until it hits home…

    1. Yea. He was trippin’ in that video. I don’t doubt that he was high either. It was such an embarrassment to watch though. I should’ve ignored this one because honestly I expected it and we can’t expect every celeb to share our views. Most of them are so damn eccentric anyway in their beliefs.They’ll say anything out of their mouths because they feel untouchable. But I think he’s issued an apology but we’ll see lol…

      1. Some people called it an apology but he was just saying the reporter made him mad at some of the questions she asked about his daughter so after that I guess he didn’t care what came out his mouth

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