3 Things “They” Don’t Want You To Know About Grad School!

One year ago I decided to do something that would change my life.

One year ago, I embarked on a journey that would help me get closer to making my dreams come true.

One year ago I enrolled in graduate school…

At first I was afraid, I was petrified lol but seriously I was very apprehensive. I didn’t know if I could manage working a full-time job and school not to mention it’s been almost five years since I graduated college. I didn’t think I could get back into the swing of things. But I thought long and hard about it and had a good support system cheering me on for the most part. I put it off long enough. The time was right and here I am today with already one year under my belt! It feels good. While I had some good advice, there was just a few things no one mentioned. For example:

1. Yes, you still have to do that awkward first-day- of- class introduction

I dread the first day of class for this one reason! Every semester we go around the class stating our names (as if anyone’s going to remember), majors, where we’re from, what we hope to gain out of the class, etc. It annoys me. I feel more like a little kid in grade school than grad school. No matter how many times I’ve introduced myself, I always get this nervousness in my stomach when my turn is approaching.  What’s worse is if you had a previous class with some of the same people you get to listen to the same spiel for a second time around. Yay.

2. Some instructors have NEVER taught before

Yes, you read right. My first year has brought out a lot of surprises. It is the first time that a lot of my professors have taught a class. Everyone has to start somewhere. It’s not a totally bad thing though. They are a wealth of knowledge because they actually work in the field that they teach but on the other hand its annoying because these are also usually the ones who are late, don’t provide you with a syllabus until week two (of a ten week term) or wait to submit your grades for assignments you’ve turned in all at one time.

3. Professors are NOT punctual

I’m not just talking two or three minutes late either. My first semester in grad school, one of professors was 45 minutes late! He was actually late all the time! I get it. We’re all adults here. Life happens. But I have a life too. One that includes working to keep a roof over my head and tuition (cough, cough) and I still managed to make it on time. Also in the syllabus (if you ever get one) there’s a whole section regarding the lateness and absences policy. Obviously being on time is important but don’t expect something of me if you’re not giving it yourself. Lead by example.

I’m sure I’ll have more to add to this list in the time to come!

– A Black Girl About Town


  1. I love your post! I had one professor who never responded to emails or phone calls. We would hear news about assignments through word of mouth from someone who tracked him down. He was the worst! My other grad school professors were really cool, and understood the intensity of the students having full-time careers and school. I graduated in December, but I kinda miss school lol, kinda.

    1. That’s crazy! Each professor is different. Last term my professor was on point, this term the professor has me clueless as to what she wants! But congrats to you on graduating! I’ll be glad when I’m done!

      Thanks for reading!

      ~ Zeena

      1. I couldn’t stand those types of professors, I need a clear concise structured syllabus, so I don’t even have to ask questions lol. What’s your degree?

      2. Yes! It could all be so simple!! My major is Publishing. What did you major in again? I don’t remember.

      3. Girl nothing really lol. I just did it because I couldn’t find a job with my Marketing degree. But I really want to do interior design and styling, so I’m not sure how that degree will help me that lol. The business side of it I guess.

      4. Oh ok. Yea it would be helpful if you plan to open your business one day. But don’t lose hope! I’m surprised you couldn’t find anything in Marketing. What city do you live in?

      5. Atlanta, I know that’s even more shocking lol. There’s just so much competition here and I realized after getting the MBA that I wanted to do what makes me happy and working a corporate job or working to build up someone else’s dream wasn’t it.

      6. Oh no, I totally get it. It’s difficult to land a job your field these days. Same thing I’ve been going through after graduating undergrad. But you’re right, do something that will fulfill you and make you happy girl! These jobs will suck the life out of you!!

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