New Look|Crochet Braids| Samba Twist!!!

Hi Guys!

Hope all is well. Today’s post is all about my new hair style using the crochet, latch hook method. The hair I used is Samba Twist 50 inch. It’s from Sensationnel’s African Collection. I purchased this hair Sunday night from and it was at my door step Tuesday morning, which just happens to be my day off! Whoop Whoop!

The color is 1B. I purchased 5 packs at $2.54 each. Wig types was having a huge sale that particular day. The hair is a lot more loose than the hair I used in the past. It appears to look a little more frizzy as well. Honestly the price is what attracted me to this hair in the first place. I wanted to do something with my hair that would be very low maintenance without spending too much. You know how it is ladies, sometimes you just want to get up and go!

I started installing the hair around 9pm and was finished around 11. There are nine braids in my natural hair; 2 on each side of my head going horizontally, two braids in the middle, criss crossed and three straight back.

Each pack has about 21 twists. I used just about four packs with the exception of a few twists. All together I have about 80 something twists in my hair. I find the hair to be more light weight then the hair I purchased when I installed the Jumbo Twists. I’ll probably keep them in a few months. I hope to give you an update in the near future!

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8 thoughts on “New Look|Crochet Braids| Samba Twist!!!

  1. It looks really nice on you. I just ordered some after I saw a YouTube video and seeing your review. I’m going to crochet them on a cornrow cap because I’m letting my shaved sides grow out and that process has me frustrated lol. This is my first time doing it sooooo *fingers crossed* lol

    1. Thank you! They’re really easy to install. I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it! Good luck!! And thanks for reading!

      ~ Zeena

    1. You’re welcome and thank you for reading! I plan to do a video update soon so be sure to follow!
      ~ Zeena

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