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Morning Inspiration: What’s Meant for You is for YOU!!!

This past week, I went to a fashion show at Macy’s. Everyone that knows me, knows that I love fashion! I love piecing different looks together and I especially love when I can get them at affordable prices. I had decided that I would attend the fashion show by myself but leading up to the event, I had begun to have second thoughts. I didn’t really want to go alone. Perhaps I should see if one of my friends could attend. Maybe I would just sit this one out all together. I ended up going to the fashion show solo and this is what happened:

The show started at five thirty, I arrived a five o’clock. The line was rather long and I had begun to worry if I would even get a seat. Sure enough, I was the LAST person that they seated. I was seated in the front row with a great view of the stage and models as they sashayed down the runway. I even received a gift bag as a perk of being a front row guest.

Now, had I brought someone else along, we may not have even got seated. We may have been standing around the crowded courtyard, standing on our tip- toes to see. And forget about a gift bag! My point of saying that is this; everyone is not going where you’re going in life. There are some journeys that you may have to embark on all on your own! Don’t let your attachment to people hold you back from opportunities! Be fearless!

“I’m known to walk alone but I’m alone for a reason.”

– Beyonce, Upgrade You

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