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Day 3|Adventures in Mexico!!!

Happy Sunday!

I took a little break in between sharing the remainder of my Mexico trip so let’s get back to it! By now, I hope you’ve read my Day 1 and Day 2 posts! If not, shame on you! LOL just kidding…

On the third day in Mexico (feels like I’m singing a Christmas carol), we got up bright and early to prepare for what I would call the adventures of a lifetime; kayaking, snorkeling, rappeling and zip lining in the Mexican Xenotes!


The Xenotes (cee-no-tes), as I would come to learn are huge sinkholes that have an exposed a body of water. The word cenotes is derived from the Mayan word dzonot which means “cave with water.” These caves with water were seen as sacred to the Mayans because they provided water during a time of drought. Cenotes can be found in other parts of the world as well.

What’s Included

Transportation was provided to and from the Xenotes. Upon booking, you will be provided with a list of hotels that they serve so if yours isn’t included on the list, just choose the nearest one. Each Xenote has a rest area with bathrooms, changing areas and picnic tables. The staff provides towels, snorkeling gear, life vests and lunch. You also have the option of purchasing water shoes for a small fee and photos of your experience at the end of the day.

My Experience

As you know, this was my first trip out of the country and also my first time doing something this adventurous. To continue with the theme of firsts, the driver informed us that  this was his first time with a group of all women! Sixteen to be exact! The women were sweet, chanting ‘Fil-a-del-fie!’ as we boarded the van.

Our ride to the Xenotes was more like an amusement park with more twists and turns than the most intimidating ride you can name! The driver would purposely speed over bumps, egged on by the other passengers who would shout rapido, rapido in an attempt to make him drive faster. Don’t believe me? Just watch this video!

Activity #1- The Slide from you-know-where…

First of all, I didn’t recall anything on the website about this slide from you- know-where, as I have nicknamed it! It totally caught me by surprise! My face says it all!


Activity #2Rappelling

This was actually fun. Way better than I expected.You have the option of going fast or slow. I chose slow.


Activity #3 Kayaking

It is much harder than it looks! I used muscles that I didn’t know existed. You definitely have to be in sync with your partner!



Do not, I repeat, DO NOT, book this package if you have little to no swimming experience! The water is forty feet deep guys! Upon booking I didn’t not realize that it would pretty much be water based and for that reason, I did not participate in the other activities.

Overall I had a good time challenging myself to step outside of my comfort zone. This is by far the most adventurous thing I’ve done to date! By the end of the day we were sooo sore! But that didn’t stop us from partying!

About the outfit… Top #Mandy Skirt #FormanMills Shoes #AMIclubwear Sunnies purchased from a local beauty supply

Hope you enjoyed this post!  Tell me what’s the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done?

The College Grad



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