Don’t Worry! Your Time is Coming!

Can I be honest? Today I did not wake up feeling flawless! In fact, I felt everything but! Plagued by the cares of this world and the pressures of my own  expectations like when am I going to be finished school? Or will my blog ever reach the following that I desire? So on and so fourth. Then I was reminded of something, ironically as I was slicing a peach. “He has made everything beautiful in its time,” Ecclesiates 3:11.


The peach didn’t just appear. The ground first had to be prepared so that the seed could grow and once it reached its peak, then and only then could it be plucked for you and I to enjoy. Had it been any sooner, it would not have been ready. Applying it to my own life, I began to think, if I had gotten my dream job at 21 would I have been prepared to handle all that it entailed?  Heck no! It takes time to build greatness!  So for anyone struggling with that concept, just remember, your time is coming!

The College Grad


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