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1 Outfit, 2 Ways to Style It! Help Me Decide! 

Hey dolls,

I recently purchased this burgundy romper from my favorite place to shop, Forman Mills (stretch those bills!) for only $12.99. I like rompers because it’s one of those no fuss, ready to wear outfits, especially great for the summer weather. Even if the weather is a little cooler you can throw some stockings underneath and pair it with a pair of booties and you’re all set! 

 I plan to wear it on my birthday tomorrow but I’m totally lost on what shoe to wear with it. Maybe you fashion-istas out there can help me decide! As I’m writing this, it totally reminds me of the torture my mother would put me through as a young girl, helping her decide which shoe looked best! I was always convinced that both shoes looked great, she was always convinced that I was being untruthful so I could run off and play. Future children, I promise not put you through this agony! Well, not too much. 😉

Look #1 

Shoes: Studded platform heels Easy Pickins

Shoes: T-strap fringe heels, AMI Club wear 

Leave a comment and tell me which one would you choose and why! 

The College Grad



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