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Are too many movies focusing on Slavery?

Last week Snoop Dogg took to social media to address his thoughts on the Roots remake, urging fans not to tune into the miniseries. Like many others, the musician felt that we have been beat over the head with films about slavery and that there needs to be more films that document some of the successes of blacks; not just the pain of slavery.

I understand where Snoop is coming from. Slavery is not our only story. It can become rather depressing to watch countless versions of such a traumatic experience, however it happened, therefore it needs to be told. And there have been other movies that show how African Americans have contributed to society and changed the world! Straight Outta Compton was one of them!

I think the remake was a smart idea especially because of what is happening on the cultural front. I also love the idea that there is a fresh new cast that include people like T.I. which the youth can really relate to.

What blows my mind about Snoop Dogg’s comment is that he is someone that has had a successful career. He knows influential people and has access to Hollywood. If he thinks that there should be a different caliber of movies produced on the black experience, then he should use his resources wisely to create such films. Personally, I would like to see a film based on the “Black Wall Street.”

Those are just my thoughts. What are yours?

You can hear his comments on the Breakfast Club.

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