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Why People Should Stop Saying a Degree Doesn’t Matter!

If I had a dollar for every time someone said having a degree didn’t matter, I’d be rolling in the money! Probably enough to pay back my undergrad debt and then some! But seriously, how on Earth could something that you spent years working towards, countless sleepless nights studying for and thousands of dollars paying for be regarded with such little respect?

Many times, these comments come from someone who is jealous and perhaps has had many set back in their life that have prohibited them from pursuing their education. Other times these comments come from those who don’t understand what you hope to accomplish with your degree or the journey it took to get there, and that’s okay! They don’t have to! It may be hard to understand why someone would take out a loan to finance an education when there’s no guarantee they’ll actually land a job in their field. But they should respect it!

Having a degree isn’t the end all, be all. As we know, there are individuals who have obtained a PH.D that are underemployed. Experience plays a big part in landing a dream job as well as connections, however, having a degree shouldn’t be passed off as nothing.

Truth is, there’s no one holding your hand begging you to go to class. Heck. There’s not even a lot of people encouraging you to make it to the finish line. The fact that someone can obtain a degree given all of the circumstances is very admirable to say the least. Having a degree does count for something, even if its only to the individual that’s holding it.

What are your thoughts on this?

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