“Obama Out!” You Will Be Missed!

“Obama out,” (drops mic) are the famous closing remarks spoken by only the coolest president of all time at what was his last White House Correspondence Dinner. It’s hard to believe that two terms are coming to an end and I can’t help but feel a sense of sadness at the departure of a great president and the uncertainty of the next one.

President Obama has been more than just a political figure. A father figure for some. A cool uncle for others. A catalyst for change, for all. Memories of his 2008 victory will forever be etched into hearts and minds worldwide, from coffee houses and college campuses to churches and street corners. No one ever imagined they’d live to see a black president, certainly not in this lifetime. Though his presidency was welcomed with much opposition, one thing is certain; he inspired a generation to believe in change and for that I am truly thankful.

Together, the Obamas have exemplified what we’ve now labeled as “black excellence.” Not ghetto-fying the White House as some would have hoped nor disowning their blackness, as some would have hoped. Cool enough to rub elbows with Hollywood elite but not too cool to rap about healthy eating.

I will miss the sheer elegance, poise and intelligence of First Lady Michelle Obama and the cool, calm and collectiveness of President Barack Obama. You will always be our president and a relative in my mind.

The College Grad

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