Why I’m Starting to Hate Facebook

Can I be honest for a minute? I’ve been having a real love/hate relationship with Facebook for quite sometime now. Not only Facebook but Social Media in general. Between the Go Fund Me pages created to finance less than worthy causes to the if- you- scroll-past- this- page- without- liking- you’ll-be- damned- to- hell photos, it’s become one big thirst trap. And don’t get me started on the misleading, desperate for views headlines.

Now, I’m not knocking anyone but whatever happened to taking a second job when you need to finance something? And why must I face eternal damnation for not liking a photo? For real though? The sheer vanity of it all is taking away from the authenticity that once attracted a then 17 year old me in the first place.

What bothers me is that anyone can upload a picture or post a status and we take that as the gospel truth! We become so quick to believe what we see without knowing the back story and believe me, there’s always more to the picture! This fuels an unhealthy desire to compare our lives to others.

Now let’s all be honest. Have you ever been envious of someone’s life simply based on something that was posted on Facebook? Now I’m not talking green with envy jealousy but even the least bit covetous is still not okay.

Remember this the next time you’re tempted to scream #goals: Everything is not always what it appears to be. That happy, smiling couple may not be so happy. Maybe the only time they’ve seen happiness was when the photo was taken. That person that just received a promotion may actually hate their job! Moral of the story is, you don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes. Stop getting so caught up in this social media stuff that you’re unable to decipher what’s real anymore.

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3 thoughts on “Why I’m Starting to Hate Facebook

  1. omgggggggggg i soooooooooo agree with you on this. I almost stood up and applauded…it is so annoying to have to see all of this on a consistent basis. What annoys me are the people who take photos of themselves in the hospital, then someone says: omg what happened?” and they say i will hit you up in your inbox and tell you, i dont want anyone in my business…
    sigh..realllyyyyyyyyy???? you obviously put it up because you wanted attention, so why once a question is asked, you feel the need to be mysterious now…knock it off…smdh

    1. Your comment made me scream! I so wanted to address the hospital pics but I refrained! Lol it’s becoming unbearable and that’s not what I signed up for. If it’s not to engage with friends, family or keeping up with the Shade Room, I’m offline. Thanks for the comment!

      ~ Zeena

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