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‘Straight Outta Compton’ Movie Review

Hey Everyone,

Hope you all had a great weekend as always. Three words pretty much sums up my weekend; ‘Straight Outta Compton‘! The long awaited film depicts the rise of one of the most controversial rap groups of all time, NWA. Now, I’m not a fan of certain rap artists/songs but I love biographies and movies based on real events. This movie was about as real as it gets!

NWA rose to fame during the late 80’s early 90’s at a time when police brutality, racial profiling and overly excessive force ran rampant throughout Compton. The name Rodney King ring a bell? Seems pretty reminiscent of what’s going on today.

The members of NWA were often targets of police brutality and they used their music to enlighten people about what they experienced as young, black men. Their approach was raw but the message was real. I won’t spill the tea on everything that occurred in this movie. You’ll want to see it for yourself. But I will say, it couldn’t have been released at a better time than this. History continues to repeat its ugly self. Black men, women and children are dying at the hands of law enforcement for no reason! We must continue to shine a light on these issues because when it happens to one of us, it happens to all of us.

I urge you to see this movie, whether you’re a fan or not! The music will have you jamming in your seats and you’ll also be blown away by the actors and how much they resemble the people that they portray. Ice Cube’s son though? Twinning. I definitely want to see it again!


If you saw the movie, what are your thoughts?


The College Grad

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