Summer Dress Haul!!!

Confession. This is my first official “haul” so I’m not too sure how many items are required to be considered a haul but anyway… My birthday was last Friday and no I’m not done celebrating! Today, I was shopping for a dress to wear to dinner. I had my heart set on a black, strapless dress from Charlotte Russe but I wanted to look around first before I made a decision. And boy am I glad that I did.

I went to Forman Mills. Anyone that knows me well, knows that I love me some Forman Mills! I’m amazed at the outfits that I put together (like this one here) and even more amazed when I see my receipt. They were having a massive summer sale. I walked away with not one, not two but three dresses for half of what I was going to spend for one dress at Charlotte Russe. Now, no shade to CR at all. They’re still my girls. But no sense in spending more if you don’t have too.


Dress 1 is a black, crochet midi dress with a nude inset. It was originally priced at $12.99 and was reduced to a whopping $6.50! Dress 2 is a white, sleeveless lace dress with a nude inset, originally priced at $9.99, reduced to five bucks! The final item is a black, sleeveless romper with gold embellishments. Originally it was $8.99. Final price? $4.50.

Needless to say, I am more that pleased with the outcome!

Yours Truly,

The College Grad


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