Playing In Makeup!


I’ll admit, my eyebrows are hardly ever on fleek and my makeup is not always flawless. Gasp. I know right? It seems impossible for a woman in the year 2015 to not always be camera ready. But I’m just being honest. I love makeup but I don’t have the time or patience to do it everyday. It is truly an art. I used to think my mom was crazy for using eyeliner to pencil in her thin eyebrows. Now it’s become a trend!

I had some time on my day off and decided to up my makeup game–or at least try! What do you think?


Products used
Eyes ~ E.L.F eyeshadow duo, Black Opal Concealer
Black Radiance Urban Identity shadow trio, True Complexion shine control primer
NYC Show Time Volumizing Mascara, Black eyeliner

Face ~ Maybelline Dream Matte mouse foundation

Lips ~ Wet n Wild plumberry lip liner E.L.F. lip gloss

What are some of your favorite makeup trends? What are your favorite brands?


The College Grad ❤


  1. I know how you feel! I use to be the same way but I think once you try it out and actually get really good at it, you can’t even live without it ahah.I love Nars products they’re amazing for dry skin, and you should defiantly take a shot at Bobbi Brown as well. Both life savers. Practice makes perfect!

    1. Thanks for the tips! Those are two brands I haven’t used yet but I hear they’re amazing!

      ~ Zeena

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